Rick and Sylvia's bio:

Rick Powell is an arranger, composer, and record producer. He has earned a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education, a Master's Degree in Composition and has completed all coursework toward a Doctor of Music in Composition He has also done considerable postgraduate study in neuroscience. He received military training in electronics and subsequently taught electronics in the United States Army. He has taught at Vanderbilt/Peabody University, Florida State University and was Professor of Music at Lee University. Recently he created the musical artificial intelligence program for the Van Koevering Digital Piano.

Sylvia Powell is an Art Specialist, Grades K-12. She has earned a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education and a Master's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and Curriculum Design. Her Thesis dealt with " using the Arts to teach Writing" In her teaching, for both children and adults, she frequently uses expressive music, expressive art, creative movement, visualization and drama.

Rick and Sylvia have collaborated on many projects:

Pat Boone Family Christmas Special (shot in Israel) us

Helen O'Connell Christmas Album

Treehouse Club (Children's Television Series)

Sunshine Factory (Children's Television Series)

Rick has produced and/or arranged over 200 albums in the Christian Music Field for such artists as the Bill Gaither Trio, Pat Boone, The Oak Ridge Boys, The Imperials, The Speer Family and Kenneth Copland, among many others. He has 35 Choir Books published. Of these, 16 are Children's Albums.

They are currently developing curriculum material to support the Brain Compatible Learning Movement for BRAINROBICS (TM). For more information click here.


A note from Sylvia …

“I am a Promise, I am a possibility. I am a promise, with a capital “P”, I am a great big bundle of potentiality!”

Bill and Gloria Gaither

The song, I AM A PROMISE, written by Bill and Gloria Gaither reflects everything that a parent or teacher need to think about when teaching children. When I began developing ideas for the Brainrobics™ curriculum, I realized that music, art, drama and dance play a big part in a child’s life since birth. Some parents actively play music and sing songs to their children even before they are born. Children today grow up in a world of “surround sound” and “information flow” that exposes them to the arts daily (Kovalik, p46 –51). Advertisers understand this concept very well. Have you ever seen a commercial without music or arresting visuals?

Since art, music, drama, and dance were a big part of my early life as a child, I realized the great potential that the arts held to be an effective tool for teaching all academic subjects. As I began to develop the Brainrobics™ curriculum, I scrolled through my thoughts about the lessons I had been teaching as an elementary classroom teacher throughout the years and realized that I had already been using the arts quite effectively. When I became an art teacher my very first goal was to assure that children had fun! As the years progressed, I came to understand that I am not, in fact, teaching art but teaching children. It is my sincere belief and testimony to you that art as well as music, drama, and dance are very effective vehicles or means with which to help children develop and grow to their fullest “potential.” I hope you find the Brainrobics™ system of learning as productive and rewarding as I do.