The Brainrobics™ learning system was developed to provide individuals of all ages with a comprehensive, expressive, multi-sensory experience that is vital to effective learning. The Brainrobics™ learning system accomplishes this through the unique use of art, music, drama, and dance (specific and expressive movement) to integrate the brain for higher-level thinking and performance.

Studies have shown that the brain “downshifts” to survival mode and becomes less efficient when under stress. The Brainrobics™ learning system offers delightful songs, stories, art and creative activities that reduces stress and encourages the desire to learn.

Brain research has shown that emotions cement information into long-term memory. We have found that when designing lessons that are creative, useful and emotional (Kovalik, the Integrated Thematic Instruction Model), children respond positively.

The techniques found in the Brainrobics™ learning system have been shown to have a profound impact on children who have been identified with ADD, ADHD, EMH, SLD, LI (language impaired) and other specific learning disabilities.

Many of the songs we have written for children over the years have been incorporated into the Brainrobics™ learning system. These fun loving song-based lessons have been shown to dramatically increase a child’s ability to learn more efficiently. Come and meet BIG BOBBY BLACK BEAR™, LITTLE BITTY BABY BROTHER BUBBA™ and other characters from the Branirobics™ CRITTER TALES™ series of brain friendly learning modules.